Friday, 4 March 2022

Sunday, 13 October 2019

it's been a long time!

just a little note to myself to get back to work on this 'blog'!  Too long I have been absorbing stuff on youtube, Google Earth and a bit of re-reading!  A liking for beer and football, Scottish politics since the referendum in 2014, and chess, which has become a bit of an obsession!  Driving around Edinburgh over the years, seasons changing and so on.  Technology, phones and such leaving me a question as to how to proceed with all this stuff.  A couple of equinoctal sunsets are most relevant, one from the Fa'side with the sun setting behind ArthursSeat, a spring equinox in 2018, and one the 2019 autumn equinox, setting behind Calton Hill from the Portobello Road, in line with the Scottie corner although my phone camera is not very good and the suns light burns out the columns of 'Edinburgh's disgrace' which can normally be seen through the Jock's Lodge gap. The first two are of March 2018, form the Fa'side ridge the sun going down behind A. Seat.  The second two of the Jock's Lodge sunset.  The second shows Arthur Seat in context.  At least getting going again!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The geometry I have found and corroborated was mostly done on Ordnance Survey maps, the 1:25,000 series especially.  This programme is the story of these maps and their accuracy.  Wonderful programme, and I am much indebted :  OK you may have to copy the link and paste in a search thingy, the link ain't live for some reason!? - 20/2/17 ach, the prog not available now!