Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Right! Back to work!

A quick update.  2012 has been and gone, and so has a third of 2013!  My son kindly passed his old laptop to me in January and allowed me to indulge in longer youtube videos and stuff which I couldn't do on my old compromised computer(shockwave flash was a real pain in the backside, and AVG was too!!) and it finally gave up the ghost so I now only have the laptop.  I guess I've lost all my google earth stuff, and so will have to re-do the essentials but at least I can perhaps be a bit more methodical as I investigate the Edinburgh grid I was working on, and some other related stuff.

I've watched all the Ancient Aliens series on youtube, and listened to Coast to Coast AM radio a lot, and also watched a whole lot of stuff to do with alternative energy, zero-point, wind turbines, magnets and rocket stoves and a lot more besides.  Also found some interesting geometric links which are very interesting, but can't recall off-hand..

I find it hard to believe that four months have passed, though!

and finally a photo of yours truly:

a self-portrait taken on a walk around Salisbury Crags on my home one Sunday morning last September with Arthurs Seat in background.

best wishes all