Friday, 23 November 2007

Alistair Moffat - Arthur & The Lost Kingdoms

I had the pleasure of reading this book a few years back, borrowed from a friend. At the time I was living in Selkirk, and finding that the geometry I was working on not only stretched into the Borders, but specifically on Kelso and Roxburghe Castle, identified by Moffat as being Arthur's main base.

Arthur & The Lost Kingdoms

When I get round to doing some more geometry, this will prove relevant!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Castlehill, Edinburgh

It's not often that the street is empty of vehicles and people. Camera Obscura on left, Witchery and Whisky Heritage Centre on the right. The brooding spire in the background is of the Tollbooth Church, now The Hub, and the highest point in Edinburgh!

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Bruce Cathie; a Phi correlation

Bruce Cathie, an ex-airline pilot from New Zealand, started his grid research whilst plotting sitings of UFO's back in the fifties.

A link to his site is provided in the list to the right.

Going through his site recently, I came across his work on the magnetic fields of the Earth.

I hadn't noticed a Phi correlation previously, but did this time:

According to Cathie there are two magnetic fields which combine, or counter-act the other.

The two fields are given he gives the figures for combined field strength and their diffeence.

Field A 1850.900532 lines of force per square centimetre, or as he prefers, 12245.6998per square geographic inh.

Field B 1257.139035 per square cm, or 8317.32698 per square geo-inch.

Combined, that is (A+B) = 20574.234 per square geo-inch.
Difference, that is (A-B) = 3928.371 per square geo-inch.

(A+B)/(A-B) = 5.237344945.

which; divided by 2 = 2.618672493, which is close to Phi-squared.

The square root is 1.618231279, of which Phi (1.618034) is 99.9878%.

One in ten thousand is a very good correlation! At this point I do not know what this could signify, just noting in the passing!