Friday, 26 February 2010

horse and rider grid additional graphic

Trawling through my Picasa images, I found this:

A sketch of the landscape showing the river Esk continuing to the Forth at Musselburgh.

There is a lot of established geometry, and also some speculative stuff, which I haven't verified yet.

The horse and rider are shaded green, and I have left an area clear, as at the time I was unsure whether there was an additional feature still to be recognized. There was discussion about what else might be there, different people were asking if I could see this or that. One suggestion was two riders, a Templar symbol, and the area I have left perhaps owes something to this idea, but I am not convinced and it was a few years back. Just one of those threads which got laid aside, one of many!

Yesterday I took a photo of a map I have with the feature drawn in. Unfortunately, I can't get the camera to connect to the computer to download, for some reason. I'll get bak to it soon!

ps: If your eyes start to spin, welcome to the club!

Friday, 12 February 2010

horse and rider grid 'enhanced' graphic

So, this is a photoshop enhanced graphic, on the hand-drawn original as shown in the previous post. The penta system is in purple, the grid in green. There is one yellow line representing the orientation of the Mavisbank hexagonal system, with Newtongrange Church defining the radius. The rest of the hexagon is omitted, for now.

There are a few light blue lines, which link some features and points of interest, including line of sight points, which would have aided in setting out and surveying.

The horse and rider feature is sketched in on the original, and I have left this be, as that is as artistic as I wish to get, for now.

This has labels attached, and constitute the main points, necessary for defining the geometry and notable features of the figure.

Key points:

A; Allermuir Hill
AS; Arthurs Seat
B; Borthwick Churh
BH; Black Hill
C; Carberry Tower/Queen Margaret's Mount
CK; Currie Kirk
CR; Camp Ridge
G; Galachlaw
L; Leith
M; Mavisbank Earthmound
May; Maybury/Gogar
MH; Mauldslie Hill
MOW; Meeting of the Waters in Dalkeith Park
NA; Newbattle Abbey
NC; Newtongrange Church
P; Penicuik, Sir John Clerk's Estate and House touches this point, and lies to the south.
PUC; Preston Cross(with unicorn on top)
RC; Roslin Chapel
S; Shewington Farm
St.MC; St. Mary's Chapel/Mount Lothian
St.MF; St. Margaret's Toll Farm
TH; Todhills Farm
T; Temple Kirk

First. The sale of the figure is defined by the side of the pentagon(MOW - S) plus an 18 degree segment which is 1.30902 times 6.0678 miles which equals 7.943 miles, which is just short of 8 miles.

Second. The central axis of the figure is defined by this same penta side, and is 31+/- degrees to O.S.grid, the Roseline shown, and true north.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

horse and rider contd

I found a graphic in my pictures which is the best I have at present. Hand drawn, and not labelled yet. In fact, a set of three and I will work on them soon.

Original penta system.

The grid for the system, but the Mavisbank hex system not included.

A rough drawing of the horse and rider in its grid, with the two rivers Esk shown.