Friday, 27 July 2007

five zoomed images of Edinburgh lights

These five images are cropped from the originals of previous post. These are the images which make up the video on YouTube, two posts back.

They can be examined in greater detail by clicking on them individually!

The timespan was of the order of two/three minutes.


Anonymous said...

Couple of corrections. In an earlier post you talk about "Clermiston Hill". It is in fact referred to as "Corstorphine Hill". The Friends site has a website here -

Secondly, the "Roseline" derivation of Roslin is almost certainly BS. It is a Celtic name, either Brythonic (i.e. related to Cornish, Breton and Welsh) or Goidelic (related to Scottish and Irish Gaelic). Contrary to common belief, there are in fact a number of Gaelic placenames in the Lothians, so the latter is not out of the question.

Tom Graham - Landscape Geometry said...

Yes, I am aware that it is known as Corstorphine Hill, just a bit of slackness on my part. Although it is as much Clermiston, too. I forget the gentlemans name who constructed the Tower, but he was 'of Clermiston'. I have a photo of the plaque dedicating the tower to the memory of Sir Walter Scott, which I shall post sometime.
And of course the wild notes of Bonnie Dundee died away over Ravelston's crags and Clermiston's lea.
I will be doing a section on the hill, photos taken there over a number of years.
Thanks for the Corrie Hill link.

Tom Graham - Landscape Geometry said...

The term 'Roseline' I have never associated with being derived from Roslin, or the other way round. That it runs through Roslin Chapel is to me co-incidental. Others have made much of it, not me.
Another term I know is the Tavhara line, but that is for another day.