Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Back to some geometry

After a three week break, unplanned, but due to getting into something of a reading frenzy, or re-reading I should say, with a lot of calculator work, I need to get back to what I was intending to do. I was sitting at the computer waiting for something to happen one slow system day, and I just thought to look at Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery again, for the umpteenth time. This led to Tompkin's The Secrets Of The Great Pyramid, especially the Livio Stechini section at the back, Haagensen and Lincoln's Bornholm book, The Templar's Secret Island, Thom's Megalithic Lunar Observatories, and lastly, but in way least, Richard Heath's The Matrix of Creation, and a few others not so relevant for now.

The sky, too, is fascinating at present. Jupiter west of south after dark, but the morning sky is stunning. Mars is near the Gemini Twins, with Orion showing after its summer lost in the sun's light. Sirus has again appeared, and Venus is stunning as a Morning Star. 4.50am British Summer Time, both Sirius and Venus have risen. This is my usual time for going home, and crossing the Forth Bridge, the view to the east is spectacular, Venus especially. No decent photos though!

Lots to report later, after I get a load of geometry done.

Football/Soccer has been good. Scotland took 6 points recently in two European Championship qualifiers. Lithuania 3-0 was good, but going to Paris and holding out for a 0-1 win was fantastic. McFaddens goal in Paris, outdoen his Hampden strike, and in my opinion is better than Gemmill's in 1978 in Argentina. Oh what a night!

Then on Saturday Hearts beat Rangers 4-2, to cap a great week's footie.

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