Monday, 19 November 2007

Bruce Cathie; a Phi correlation

Bruce Cathie, an ex-airline pilot from New Zealand, started his grid research whilst plotting sitings of UFO's back in the fifties.

A link to his site is provided in the list to the right.

Going through his site recently, I came across his work on the magnetic fields of the Earth.

I hadn't noticed a Phi correlation previously, but did this time:

According to Cathie there are two magnetic fields which combine, or counter-act the other.

The two fields are given he gives the figures for combined field strength and their diffeence.

Field A 1850.900532 lines of force per square centimetre, or as he prefers, 12245.6998per square geographic inh.

Field B 1257.139035 per square cm, or 8317.32698 per square geo-inch.

Combined, that is (A+B) = 20574.234 per square geo-inch.
Difference, that is (A-B) = 3928.371 per square geo-inch.

(A+B)/(A-B) = 5.237344945.

which; divided by 2 = 2.618672493, which is close to Phi-squared.

The square root is 1.618231279, of which Phi (1.618034) is 99.9878%.

One in ten thousand is a very good correlation! At this point I do not know what this could signify, just noting in the passing!

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