Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Schiehallion - Inchcolm

To complete this exercise I shall now compare the Inchcolm line with the Arthurs Seat line and perhaps some others. I am interested to see if there is some sort of system evident centered on Schiehallion.

2713.833 7547.736 Schiehallion
3189.700 6826.690 Inchcolm Abbey
--------- ----------
-475.867 0721.946

By Pythagoras theorem: 0863.92, which converts to 53.6815 miles(E), and 47.878 miles(S)

The angle to O.S Grid: 33.42352 degrees

The initial impulse for this exercise was noticing that the the lines from Schiehallion to Arthurs Seat and Inchcolm were separated by a very close approximation of one degree.

One of the findings of Haagensen and Lincoln, on Bornholm was a one degree construct, which was pointed out as having potential relevance as an example of a Medieval solution to a fact of geometric drawing that it is impossible to divide an angle into three, using the classic instruments of pen, compass and straight-edge. This is a purely technical problem, in that we use 360 degrees in a circle, which has a base of three, so that an angle of one degree is impossible under Pythagorean/Sacred geometry principles. I shall be discussing Bornholm later.

The angles from Schiehallion to:

34.4544 degrees: Arthurs Seat
33.4235 degrees: Inchcolm Abbey
01.0309 degrees

0.0309 derees is 1/194th of one-clock-face minute, the tangent of this angle being, 0.00054, which at 54 miles(E) is 154 feet, or 50 yards approximately. Certainly on the island.

I then checked the Preston Cross line and the Galachlaw phi-point line

Schiehallion to:
40.0061 degrees: Preston Cross
31.9024 degrees: Galachlaw phi-point
08.1037 degrees

Now, 8 degrees is easily divide three times to give one degree; and 8.1037 divide three times gives: 1.0129625 deg.

0.0129625 deg (1/463rd of one c.f.m.) has a tangent of 0.00022624, and at 63 miles(E) is 75 feet, or 25 yards.

So, some intriguing results but not a major concern at this moment.

8 degrees is 1/45th of a circle, so may be related to the circle divided into 15, 45 being three times fifteen. Perhaps relevant!

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