Friday, 23 October 2009

Horse and Rider grid

It is time , actually way beyond time, that I turn again to this topic. It is ten years since it made itself known, one night when I was at a low ebb, wondering what it was I had found with all the geometry. It has certainly defined my life situation, and instigated my contact with Bill Buehler which certainly has defined my work since.

Introducing this topic, I wish to emphasize the geometric grid which defines the 'possible' 'plausible' 'quite convincing' construct of the feature which 'appeared' back in 1999.

This grid system follows naturally from the original penta-system centred on Galachlaw and the hexa-system centred on Mavisbank earthmound which has the same radius as that found by Henry Lincoln round Rennes Le Chateau, and which equates to 5000 Scottish ells as defined by John Reid, a gardener, and author of The Scots Gardner, 1683. The main features of the construct, The heads of both horse and rider are defined by the boundary walls of Newbattle Abbey and Dalkeith estate respectively.

21st January, 2010

Well, A guid new year to all, if somewhat belated. I do believe, have been led to assume, some sort of process is 'directing' me at times, and have come to accept that sometimes trying to do this stuff is akin to knocking one's head against a brick wall, it just ain't going to happen till its 'ok' /'time'!

This topic is one instance, the image/feature appeared in a flash of 'revelation' over ten years ago, September 1999, as mentioned previously. I worked on the feature and its defining geometry, explored the landscape, and so on, till in March 2003, when I took advantage of the opportunity to drive Bill Buehler and his wife Joan around the area on a beautiful sunny spring day.

I took Bill to 'The Meeting Of The Waters, where the two Rivers Esk meet in Dalkeith Estate, which is the brow of the riders head, and the first corner found of the original pentagon. (Joan had hurt her ankle and stayed behind in the restaurant as it involved a walk of a good mile and back)

I also showed them the stretch of wall which is part of the horses head, and which was part of my childhood world at Easthouses, then I drove round to Newbattle Abbey itself, which is the eye of the horse, and where I spent a year as a student at the Residential College there in 1995/6. The Sauniere Society have held their Scottish Symposia there since the late nineties.

I was particularly kean to show these points to Bill as he had picked up on my referencing this feature in a discussion group back in late 1999, and had stressed its significance in the unfolding drama, namely the Assencion, the appearance/revelation/development of the Earth grids over the whole planet being an integral part. Mind blowing, it all certainly was!

Soon after, May 2003, I was attempting to write it all up, my own personal life associations with the area, and nostalgic meanderings, when reports of a particularly gruesome murder came over the radio, in an area of the Newbattle boundary wall, which I knew well. I stopped writing at that instant with the comment, with full irony intended, 'Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!' I felt more than a trifle spooked!

Also, my intention was not to let the horse and rider feature become something sensationalised and ridiculed like the Glastonbury zodiac. I wanted to emphasize the geometry that defines it, and be able to show how simple it would in fact have been to create, given a degree of coordination between the main players, the land owners, at a particular time in the past.

So I intentionally showed first all the main geometric systems, their extent, complexity, and even more astonishing, their degree of accuracy, and links to the other two main areas of proven geometry, Rennes Le Chateau and Bornholm, even the units involved are common.

So, some 1.5 years later, I am slowly getting round to it again. Even the graphic above has been a story of stupid oversight on my part. The image wouldn't upload, and I couldn't think what had changed. I gave up, and only returned to it today, when again it wouldn't upload. Till, that is, I noticed a check box, for the query, 'do I accept these new terms?' Doh! Weeks lost again! But, then again, who or what is in charge of this process? Cos, it sure don't feel like I am! And, why make me feel like a goddam fool, so often!? Eh?

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