Tuesday, 8 November 2011

O. S. Open Source API trial

I have just now registered for the OS Open Source facility and hope that it works as my initial trial was very good, in that not only is it a full map of the UK or Britain, but it gives universal grid references instead of the 'coded' form for the map sections i.e. with the two letter suffix followed by six figure references. This new facility gives twelve figure references, which is what I had been doing manually for many years now. It appears to be a new thing, to me at least, and is what I have been dreaming of for yonks now!

What spurred me into action was a recent request asking for any leads into the Glasgow area geometry. I found an interesting site based on the work of Harry Bell, who I knew of, but never met, and he was deceased before I tried to contact him. That was back in 2002/3, but a google search found many sites connecting with his work.

I have started to plot his points and see how it develops alongside my own findings, and the techniques I have developed over the years. This new resource is ideal, if I can get it working.

Here's hoping!

6-6-12 update!

Ok!  I am still using the Ordnance Survey map element but have given up on using the source code stuff, stiking to Cademia and Google Earth for now, though I still haven't tried to publish pdf files which I can save from Cademia.