Friday, 14 September 2012

Scone - Arthurs Seat - Rennes Le Chateau

While investigating the Scone Palace Holyrood Abbey/Palace line my attention was diverted to a garden maze/floral design in the shape of a pentagon with curved sides and Celtic knot-work interior:

Due to my original exploratory line being just to the east of Scone estate, and prior to establishing the exact above line, I had the urge to connect it to Arthurs Seat summit exact, with an amusing , somewhat intriguing find:

In a field in north Fife a hexagonal fenced off plantation, just west of the line!  The pentagon and hexagon on the same rough alignment!  The Scone Palace - Holyrood Palace line runs just to the other side of this line, not shown, but a similar distance.  This led me to follow this line closely down to Arthurs Seat and to the south of the River Tay,  Moncrieffe Hill, around which can be seen ring ditches and a cute spiral pathway to the summit:

n.b.: the lines tend to disappear when encountering high terrain when zooming in, since the source being in Scone estate is somewhat lower, being 'clamped to ground' in Google Earth the line tends to cut through intervening high spots.

An overview of this line shows the Burntisland mast included on this alignment, and Bishop's Hill at Loch Leven being close (the orange line is my original trial line!):

This exercise originally developed into extending some lines to extreme of Great Circles and finding so much of a volcanic nature, so the impulse was to at least extend this line north to see what emerged.  I won't dwell too long on this, just to mention that it extends to a high point at the Faroe Islands and also through Loch Migdale, the subject of an episode I saw recently of Timeteam, most notably including a Crannog, stone circle, a hill to the east and a hoard of things found nearby:

A few other high points are indicated, as well as the Culloden area, and Butterstone near Dunkeld, where again recently I heard a Radio Scotland programme in which Dougie Maclean, singer/ songwriter/fiddler who has a studio there, was being interviewed.  He took the interviewer on a walk into the hills and lochs of the area and mentioned a monument built by some local gent who worked in Edinburgh who reckoned to be able to see Edinburgh from the spot, and when of a mind he could see from Edinburgh.  Well it would have to be a high point in Edinburgh, of which Arthurs Seat would be the most convenient!

To finish for today I want to show what happened when I zoomed out even more and a connection way to the south looked possible:

Rennes Le Chateau, exact :

Quite astonishing!

I finish with a couple of images of the line as it passes through Scotland and England.  The light blue marker is where it intersects some of W.S.Buehler's recent formations, not shown here, for now:

The middle image is of a round arched doorway at Temple mentioned previously.  The arch itself not discernible, but it's shadow can be seen.  This whole field possibly contains other remains of which I have heard tales, but have not researched further.

Click on any of the images and a large screen slideshow of all the images appears which can be scrolled through!


Jeff Nisbet said...

Hi, Tom.

Fascinating connections, as always. I show a photo of the Temple arch at the following link, and say something relative to its orientation. I am not much of an expert on such things, but maybe you can tell me if the words I published are correct, or not.

Best, Jeff

Tom Graham - Landscape Geometry said...

hi Jeff

it was so long ago I forget whether it was your good self who told me about the Temple arch or someone else. I went and took some fotos back around 2000/1 and have on file but have not included them yet! I'm too wrapped up in Google Earth at present and have a lot more to report, some astonishing stuff to come!

I can't see a link to your foto, could you please send again!