Friday, 13 September 2013

St.Mary's grid part2 - North Berwick Law grid development

This section covers the pentagonal system using the full 3 by 1 diagonal as base, a variation to the basic system described by Bill Buehler.

The grid is not shown here, apologies, but the fundamentals are for the development of the 3by1 grid.  The base-line(3by1) runs obliquely south - north-east at the bottom of the image with the mid-point axis running NNWest through St Mary's chapel also a 3by 1 diagonal. 

somewhat simplified.  The two lines from St Mary's to the 3by1 points are themselves 2by 1 diagonals with a 90degree angle between them suggesting a square extended south, not done yet!  The other two lines are the Great Pyramid angles which meet at Hillend Fort, not marked but mentioned often in the past.The other two lines meeting west of Perth are five units long.and a natural 3,4,5, triangle is found with the horizontal one unit north of the Ericstane point on the 3by1 diagonal.  This also gives a close approximation to the pentagon to be shown later.

here I have added the equilatral triangle which gives an apex just off the Inchcolm shore.  These are the main components of WSBuehler's Basic Reshel system, with an amendment of the pentagon using the full base-line.  The original used a shorter side.

the penta centre established and the five arms drawn.


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

The person who said your an idiot has no idea what they are saying. Many strange places link Mount Lothian as I have found out just in the last four years and I am still finding links which I cannot disclose. Your research has taken hours upon hours to find out all these alinements. Fantastic work.