Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ben Lawers pentagon extensions

The north/south line from Ben Lawers to Snowdon just grazing the pentagonal system.  The purple north/south lines with Lochnagar shown is from the Ness of Brodgar on Orkney runs through the centre of the penta systemand as can be seen would almost define the Welsh/English border if extended.
With Ben Lawers found by extension of the pentagonal system and very near tangent due south to the western most corner of the pentagon, it was then found that by extension Snowdon was found to be on this line(second image).  On the way south, Windy Standard and St John's Town of Dalry were found also(third image)


the Ben Lawers-Snowdon line nearly tangential to the circle and penta corner!
the connections to Ben Lawers from the penta extended lines the connection to the western penta corner should be exact but cumulative error has perhaps been highlighted at this point.  The question of how much play can be allowed is open to debate!

the Ben Lawers perfect parallel to penta side virtually the same discrepancy as the western north/south line to Snowdon. 

Newbridge Tumulus and Abercorn Church and the inner penta chord which extends to Ben Lawers.

Penicuik House/Estate

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