Friday, 5 October 2007

Moon and Venus

This shows Venus and the Moon in the eastern sky on the morning of October 4th, approximately 5.30am GMT, 6.30am BST. Saturn is to the left of Venus, both straddling Regulus in Leo, neither recorded on this image. Mars is also not shown, but is between the Gemini twins, and Sirius is also rising, again not seen in this photo. Procyon, Canis Minor, is the other star seen forming a near right angle with the Moon and Venus.

Around 5.55 am GMT, dawns light increasing.

These photos don't do the sky justice. The Moon is now very near Venus and Regulus. A thought here, is that Regulus is on the ecliptic, and so the Moon's position can be judged accurately from its relation to Regulus, as it passes! The Moon varies by some 5+ degrees either side of the Sun's path! Something else to watch for over the coming winter months. On checking my Planisphere, I note Virgo is also on the ecliptic. Sky-watching is a bit of a hobby when I'm working nights.

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