Friday, 19 October 2007

Afternoon excursion to Dunsappie and Duddingston

Thursday afternoon I went on an excursion with a group of six Americans, including Laura Dunham, whom I had met two years earlier. They wanted to visit some interesting spots that I might know. After lunch I suggested a drive round Arthurs Seat, stopping at Dunsappie which is a place I had spent a lot of time at when I first started investigating the landscape. I felt drawn to it many times, photographing a midsummer sunrise from there back in 1994. Laura and her group felt a strong earth energy, which is not surprising as Dunsappie is a volcanic vent. The views are impressive, to the north, east and south. A lot more to be said about Dunsappie, and this is a good spur.
The weather was sunny and bright, with a slight chill in the Mid-October breeze.

On the way from Waverley station to Holyrood.

Arthurs Seat from Dunsappie.

A rock feature on Dunsappie that has intrigued for many years! Laura said a prayer here which I felt appropriate.

I then suggested driving down and round to Duddingston, which lies directly below Dunsappie, and is an interesting place, the church, loch, and village being very picturesque. Sometimes I wonder what is going on! The road to Duddingston at the Pollock Halls entrance was just being closed by workmen, so it was down round past where we started and all the way round in a clockwise direction to Duddingston. Only to find that the church gate was locked. A local lady advised us that we could never-the-less gain entry to Dr O'Neil's garden through the Manse entrance. Everyone loved the garden, and the view of the loch. We sat down by the waterside for a while, chatting and just taking in the view and appreciating the stillness and the quiet.

A couple of photos in Dr O'Neil's garden at Duddingston.

Time was becoming an issue as they wanted to be back at their Roslin hotel before dark. Cal, the driver didn't want to be navigating in the dark, which is understandable in a strange place. My original plan of heading down the coast didn't happen, but it was a nice afternoon anyway.

We parted in the High Street as they were off to St Giles cathedral and I down Cockburn Street for my train home.

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