Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Salisbury Crags Face and general area

In July 2006 I moved to Inverkeithing, and I had to get the train into Edinburgh, then get to Portobello Road to pick up the taxi for my nightshift. During the Festival I sometimes walked, from the staion, if the weather was nce. One time when crossing the Forth Rail Bridge there was a cloud formation in the form of a head over Burntisland facing north-east, with a trail of cloud over the Forth.

Looking at the photo now, at this scale the cloud face is none too clear!

Whatever the processes going on in my brain, walking into Holyrood Park between the Parliament Building and the Palace, taking a few photos of the crags and the lion carving near the car-park, gazing towards the crags at their eastern end, I took a shot of the interesting rock formations. Later when I downloaded the photos I was looking at this photo and saw a face formed by the crags rock. I could also see another two faces to the left.

I have been drawn back there many times since, examining the crags and verifying to myself that these are real stone formations and are identifiable in all light conditions. One in particular is very impressive, and is about 30 feet in scale.

Below is a link to a web-album with more photos of this and the other faces, and some of broom, and gorse in bloom this May, and some of St. Margaret's Loch and St. Anthony's Chapel ruin. This area covers the extent of spread of all the lines considered in the section on Schiehallion through Arthurs' Seat to The Eildon Hills:

gorse/whins/broom Arthurs Seat crags face May 2008

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