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Tinto Hill - Preston Cross - Isle of May

Having had a break of some weeks from the geometry, I was checking a sketch I had done a few years back, and noticed a line I had not checked by calculation. It passes again through the unicorn Cross at Preston(NT 391 740), and links two points not previously mentioned, Tinto Hill(NS 952 343) and the Isle of May, or May Isle(NT 658 990, which is the Grid Reference for St. Adrian's Chapel).

[When I started my investigation, I was working with 1:25,000 scale maps, and the Isle of May was too far north of Lothian, as was Fife, and so no casual links could be made. The same was true for Tinto Hill, but to the south. It was when I was living in Selkirk that Tinto came to my awareness, as the part of a grid I shall be describing soon.]

The full grid references I shall use:

2952.75 6343.79 Tinto Hill

2965.23 6345.47 Scout Hill, a hill a mile to the east of Tinto, which is found to be a more exact point in line with the southern point on The May Isle.

3391.27 6740.57 Preston Cross, {unicorn}

3658.68 6990.19 St. Adrian's Chapel, May Isle.

3662.83 6988.49 South Ness, May Isle.

3658.68 6990.19 May Isle, St. Adrian's Chapel. The May Isle is roughly at 45 degrees to grid, from North-west to south-east and is a bit more than the diagonal of a grid kilometre square, or a mile approximately. The range is from North Ness {NT 651 999} to South Ness (NT 662 988}.
Marked features on the Island include, between St.Adrian's Chapel and South Ness, Pilgrim's Haven, Pilgrim's Well, Maiden Hair, The Pillow and Kettle Ness. To the north-west of the central Lighthouse are features marked as The Bishop, St. Andrews Well, Altarstanes and Standing Head. Near the Lighthouse, on the western shore, is Mill Door, a natural arch. The island is a designated Nature Reserve with sea-bird colonies on the impressive cliffs. It is less than a half-mile wide.

What I found was that the line of Tinto Hill through Preston Cross extended just misses the southern tip of The May Isle. To the east of Tinto is Scout Hill(NS 965 345), which is a mere 1/32nd of a clock-face-minute(6 degrees) off the Preston Cross - St.Adrian's Chapel line(0.188 degrees).

The bunch of angles range from 46.6 to 47.6 degrees to O.S grid north, which could be taken as being approximately 43 degrees north of east. This is possibly a midsummer sunrise line, if looking north-east from Tinto, or from Preston to the May Isle, across the Firth of Forth. At latitude 55/56 north, midsummer sunrise is approximately 45 degrees dependent on altitude. There is also a minor allowance required for the O.S. grid being 'normal' to true-north at 2 degrees west(Berwick upon Tweed). As this line is roughly in the area of 3 degrees west the adjustment would be minimal, and too complex for me to account for. It would seem likely therefore that midsummer sunrise from Preston Cross, or nearby Tower, would occur over the May Isle. The May Isle I am sure could be seen from the Tower. It would be interesting to get photo/video of the midsummer sunrise from the Tower. Perhaps next year, but access would need to be arranged.

Mid-winter sunrise would be seen in the opposite direction.


Only two included here, Scout Hill to Preston Cross, and Preston Cross to St. Adrian's Chapel.

1. Scout Hill/Preston Cross:

2965.23 6345.47 Scout Hill
3391.27 6740.57 Preston Cross
---------- ----------
-426.04 -395.10

By Pyhtagoras' theorem:

58105 metres
or 36.1045 miles(E), or 32.2 Miles(S), (20 times phi !?)

angle to grid north, 47.16 degrees, (426.04/395.1 = 1.0783; which is tan 47.16deg.)

2. Preston Cross/St. Adrians Chapel, May Isle

3391.27 6740.57 Preston Cross
3658.68 6990.19 St. Adrian's Chapel
---------- ----------
-267.41 -249.62

By Pythag. theorem:

365812 metres (120017 feet)

or 22.73 miles(E), or 20.273 miles(S)(remarkably 20 times the Comma of Pythagoras, 1.0136433, to within 99.999%, or 9.5 inches!!!)

[5/08/08 - just noticed that 22.73 miles(E) is close to 13*'square-root three', 22.5167 miles(E), after doing the following post on Bornholm! This is found to be the distance from Christianso to Nylars! I shall come back to this! The discrepancy is 375 yards, so something may show! TG.]

angle to grid north; 46.97 degrees.

angles difference: 47.16 - 46.97 = 0.19 deg., (1/32nd of one c.f.m.)

[Although not included in these calculations, the distance from Tinto Hill to St. Adrian's Chapel is 314034 feet, a 99.96% correlation with calculator pi, or 99.92% of 22/7.

A circle of this radius would have a circumference of 373,7 miles(E), or 333.3 miles(S).]

Tinto shall be mentioned in following posts, as well may The May be.

I shall do a google map for this line, but I will, no doubt, play about with a bit to see what turns up, using Google Maps and G-Earth.

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