Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I mentioned that I had started 'playing around' on Google Earth a few weeks back, not for the first time incidentally.  I guess I've spent days if not months in total scanning the planet over the years.  I also mentioned in the first post in this series the 33rd degree west of Giza, and this was after reading Jeff Nisbet's article The Pyramids of Scotland Revisited:  Jeff and I have had some discussion concerning his original article and his interesting hypothesis that the Orion belt stars and Sirius have been laid out in the landscape of Scotland, namely the three islands near North Berwick, with Inchcolm being Sirius.  He also plots the other main stars of Orion.  I found it a fascinating idea, but could not confirm or otherwise as I did not have the resources to check it out.  He also makes much of North Berwick Law being pyramidal and close to the same height as the Great Pyramid at Giza.  That Uri Geller has apparently purchased one of these three islands is fascinating!  He also mentions Doggerland in the above article which added to the interest when the BBC article appeared synchronicitously  (I perhaps have just made this word up, spell-check doesn't like it, but I don't really care! lol!)

Anyway I plotted the 33rd degree west of Giza, prior to Bill Buehler's new systems appearing and the connection with one of the Michael ley lines at Stanton St Bernards in the first post of this recent activity.

So I thank Jeff for bringing it to my attention, and apologies for not mentioning this in that post.  Quite honestly I was 'off on so many tangents' by that time my head was spinning!

Also, thanks to J Rankin whose site I came upon when checking the Michael ley, who also mentioned Doggerland and Heligoland in particular.  A fascinating, informative article I fully intend to return to.  A line from Skellig Michael to Mount Cramel is also mentioned and because of the link to Skellig Michael I also plotted on Google Earth, it's the brown line in some of the images, but I have not had time to write it up yet!

So thanks again to both!   

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