Thursday, 26 July 2012

Preston (Unicorn) Cross - Callanish extended

I decided to check the extension of the Triangle line from PUC - Schiehallion - Callanish line north west beyond Iceland through Canada and found it reached the Pacific coast near Kelso in Washington State.  This was a surprise as this is the line which cuts through Kelso in Scotland, to the south east of Preston Cross.

Now, I had guesstimated that the line would pass near to Mount Rainier, and it does, which Bill Buehler had also mentioned in his recent post.  What I had not realized is that Mount St Helens lies between Mount Rainier and Kelso.  So this line also runs between two volcanic areas, Mount Etna and Mount St Helens, and of course also includes Iceland.  Quite staggering!  

In the first image another line can be seen coming down through the Great Lakes to Mexico.  This is the other line of the triangle, that is the Lindisfarne, PUC, Inchcolm, Ben Cruachan to Barra line extended, just to complete the exercise.  This line crosses Enhanted Mountain in Texas, and it also cuts through Arkansas, which another researcher, James Tyberon makes much of due to the crystal beds around Mount Ida, although this line is perhaps too far west.

In the other direction, that is south east of Lindisfarne the line extends through Groningen, mentioned previously as the place I lived in for some three and a half years, through Prague, Budapest, Istanbul to near Baalbek.

In my next post I shall comment on the brown line which can be seen in this image which runs from Mount Carmel to Skellig Michael, prompted by J Rankin previously mentioned, but time being short and my brains being scrambled I need a break.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom. I see Budapest on one of your lines. I have published an article in the recent Atlantis Rising that will also be coming out in the next Clan Sinclair magazine called The Black Cross of Scotland. In it, I connect Buda Castle with Dunfermline Abbey, but in a different way. I will send it to you. Maybe you will make other connections. Best, Jeff.

Tom Graham - Landscape Geometry said...

cheers Jeff! I look forward to it. The line through Budapest is the one through Lindisfarne, and Inchcolm, of obvious interest. I found it interesting that Prague, Budapest and Istanbul were all on this line, never mind a close hit on Baalbek!

The whole thing is beginning to look like a gigantic game of 'spillikins'!


Jeff Nisbet said...

Here's my finished article, Tom. A bit longer than the AR or Girnigoe versions ...



Tom Graham - Landscape Geometry said...

cheers Jeff I've just managed to read your article, fascinating stuff! Speulative as you readily admit, but fascinating all the same! Also just read your 'Rosslyn Bones' article which was listed on that page! Again fascinating! I'll e-mail you direct though with anything else as my landlord, another taxi driver is a member of Canongate Kilwinning, but he hasn't had a chance to read your article yet! Canongate, Holyrood Rosslyn all link to my work at present, have a look at my more recent stuff!



Jeff Nisbet said...

Thanks, Tom. Just read your comment about my two articles (Hurricane Sandy came through my neck of the woods). Interested in your friend's thoughts. A possible ancestor of mine, Sir John Nisbet of Dirleton, may have helped found that Lodge upon his retirement from the bench. The Sinclairs, BTW, seem to almost totally ignore my work, even though it's been published in Girnigoe. Will check out your recent work. Best, Jeff.